[Qi Announce] 99 USD Linux pocket computer shipping: Ben NanoNote

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Fri Mar 19 08:23:02 EDT 2010

Qi Hardware is proud to announce the availability of the first product
that tries to adhere to copyleft hardware standards:

Ben NanoNote

It's a 99 USD Linux clamshell device, others have called it

"The $99 open hardware thingie" (CrunchGear)
"Dedicated Vi device" (The Register)
"tiny, hackable" (Engadget)
"totalmente libre" (viva linux!)
"adorabile 3 pollici Linux" (Netbook News)

(source: http://sharism.cc/voices/)

Get more detailed product information at http://sharism.cc/specs/
The Ben is available and in stock at an online store nearby you:

Europe (99 EUR): http://www.tuxbrain.com/
Belgium (99 EUR): http://hackable-devices.com/products/product/nanonote/
Netherlands (125 EUR): http://openmobile.nl
Germany (119 EUR): http://www.pulster.de
India (6500 INR): http://www.idasystems.net
USA/Canada/rest of the world (shipping from Hong Kong, 99 USD): http://nanonote.cc

Thanks for interest in our project, more background information about
what we do at http://en.qi-hardware.com
viva linux!

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