[Qi Announce] a big THANK YOU to 1000 Ben NanoNote buyers

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Tue Oct 26 04:20:36 EDT 2010

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Thank you all for your patience in understanding our little Ben,
buying one, and starting to use it.
As copyleft hardware we have exciting ideas ahead, and need your
continued support on the journey.

The first 1000 Ben NanoNotes, sold between the launch in February to
early October, went to:

Argentina:        4
Australia:       31
Belarus:          4
Brazil:           2
Canada:          27
Chile:            1
China:           18
Columbia:        28
Ecuador:          1
EU:             394
Hong Kong:        3
India:          100
Japan:           72
South Korea:      1
Malaysia:         2
Mexico:           1
New Zealand:      2
Nigeria:          1
Philippines:      2
Russia:           4
Singapore:        2
Switzerland:     15
Syria:            2
Taiwan:           4
Turkey:           1
US:             246

Total:          968

Note that it doesn't add up to 1000 because some Bens were sold before
we started tracking. In addition, there were about 5-8 returns (mostly
defective cables going to the screen), and we loaned maybe 4-5 devices
to people that made outstanding contributions. We lost 4 in fraudulent

What we owe all NanoNote users now are updates, updates, updates.
So besides already having made the next batch of 1000 Bens, you can
expect from us more software updates, and maybe some interesting
hardware addons as well.

So much NanoNote for today, next week our November 1st community news
will come out, which I'll pass along then...
Safe travels, whereever you may be,

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