[Qi Announce] Copyleft Hardware News 2010-11-01 - Sales, Upstream and More

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at sharism.cc
Sun Oct 31 22:32:17 EDT 2010

this is an exception but I think the news is so interesting it's 
worth sharing with you:

Qi Community News 2010-11-01 is out!

Some highlights:
* visualization of schematics differences
* Linux 2.6.36 upstream success
* 1000 Ben NanoNotes sold
* NanoNote case scans, breakout boards, Nanowar and more
* next run of Milkymist One kicked off
* scary stability bug fixed
* Linux 2.6.36 booting on Milkymist One

And credits and thanks to the many contributors that have shared back
and helped push copyleft hardware forward over the summer.
Go read yourself...


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