Hello Everyone, I'm new here

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Tue Aug 4 16:58:17 EDT 2009

On Tue, 2009-08-04 at 23:34 +0800, ZhangJieJing wrote:
> Hi everyone, 
Hey! :)
> I'm Zhang Jiejing, I'm a Chinese. I'm interesting about Qi, I want do
> some help.
You're welcome - every kind of help is highly appreciated!
> I've have experience with embed linux development, 
> * I've writtn some low-level linux device driver like touch screen,
> wifi,dynamic power management
> * I've working for android framework(JAVA mostly) in an embed device
> company.
> * I've writen some middle-level of android system, including
> wpa_supplicant and pppd.
> * I have do some development about GUI like QT and GTK,
That sounds great!
>  I'm still long journey to learn of Linux.
For whom it isn't ;) - nobody knows everything.
> And then, I want to know what help I can do.
Right now we're working on getting all the hardware supported by the
linux kernel which is - thanks to the gorgeous work of marek, xiangfu
and florian - already booting.
However, having a Ben NanoNote which runs Linux like a charme, it needs
some more work.
Here you may come into play (in case you want to :)).

We're working on top of the embedded distribution OpenWrt[1].
OpenWrt will build the mentioned kernel and userspace for the Ben

Since the the xburst-target (the board the Ben NanoNote is using) is not
ready to commit into the OpenWrt-tree, we're working on this[2]
repository for now.

Feel free to look, play and ask around :)
> Thank you very much. 
You're more than welcome!
> ---
> Best regards,
> Zhang Jiejing

[1] http://www.openwrt.org
[2] http://github.com/lindnermarek/openwrt-x-burst/tree/x-burst
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