The Ben NanoNote is running OpenWrt! :)

Mirko Vogt lists at
Sat Aug 8 08:21:56 EDT 2009

Hello Qi!

As you may have noticed - OpenWrt is running on the Ben NanoNote! :)

Based on a newer patch[1] provided by ingenic (for kernel we
ported the patch to kernel, cleaned it up, cleared unneeded
stuff out created a little list what needs to be done on kernel level.

The userspace of OpenWrt is running fine, I'll play around with Xorg
today but 32MB of RAM is a real limitation.

During reading the code / testing / disassembling the device some
questions raised about the installed hardware:

 - which SoC is the Ben NanoNote using?
Regarding the code it's very similar to he Pavo / Leo / Lyra boards
which all have a JZ4740 built-in. But the schematics in the git of Adam
are about a JZ4720 (which is listed as discontinued on the
The chip on the Ben itself seems to be "soused" with black
gum/plastic[2] (btw., is that necessary?).

 - what display is used within the Ben NanoNote?
We experienced some discrepancy in the qi_lb60-code about the used
display / displaydriver (Foxconn-PT035TN01 / standard 8-bit-serial-tft /
sth. else?) While disassembling it, there are just chains of numbers
written on LCM/LCD[3,4] - while searching for them we got to lcdsolar[5]
- which is not really verbose.
@Xiang Fu: Any news about this?
Looking at the turned-on display through a magnifier (even in u-boot),
it seems the pixels within every other line are shifted. Any idea
whether it's hardware/software?

 - any news about the proprietary mtblock-jz?
Xiang Fu told me they won't release the source of the object file within
the original kernel-patch.
While reading/writing to the NAND with the standard mtdblock-driver we
experienced lot's of problems. It should not be too difficult getting a
working MTD-driver done, but having their code might ease ours workload.

I'm currently in Hamburg - hacking together with Lars and John (also
from OpenWrt) at the Ben NanoNote. 

How to proceed? Our roadmap for the next days:

 - level up the new patchset to 2.6.31-rc5
there's is a new GPIO driven matrix keyboard driver within[6], which
should make it pretty easy to get a keyboard driver done. An example
implementation can be found here[7].
@Xiang Fu: As far as I know you were interested in doing so?.
Also getting NAND-flashes > 4 GB are now nativly supported and do not
need the ingenic hacks anymore - also many other things which then can
be dropped out of the patch.

 - (re)writing MMC-/SD-card- / GPIO- / IRQ- / and-maybe-others- /
In our ongoing effort to get the device support by Linux 2.6.31 and to
cleanup the patchset we're properly going to (re)write some of the
needed device drivers.
This should hopefully purge out some issues, also that the kernel
currently not always recognizes the SD-card while booting.

Have a nice weekend!

Greetings from Hamburg!



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