Would it be possible to include tone marks on the Pinyin names?

Richard Sharpe realrichardsharpe at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 16:42:51 EDT 2009

2009/8/11 Yi Zhang <yi at qi-hardware.com>

> Richard,
> Here I first give you all the Chinese names with Pinyin. Then I will
> discuss this with Mirko Lindner and see what we can do on our website.
> 气 qì
> 本 běn
> 芽 yá
> 木 mù
> 果 guǒ

Yeah, I guess I knew that already. What I don't know how to do is to get the
letters with the tone marks on them in gmail on my Linux laptop ... I can
insert combining diacritics but they still look awful compared to the
correct Pinyin letters.

It's only the purist in me that wants to see the tone marks, in any case,
since I know those characters (well, except for 芽, which I had to look up,
but guessed would be pronounced something like ya2).

Richard Sharpe
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