question re Nanonote specs

Ron K. Jeffries rjeffries at
Wed Aug 12 20:10:48 EDT 2009

The web page[1] does not specify the model number ofthe Ingenic SoC.

I'm wondering how similar the hardware capabilities of NanoNote and
Dingoo[2] will be?

Naturally I understand obvious differences (Nanonote has keyboard, does not
have FM reciever, does not have gaming buttons).

If they use the same SoC, then I assume supporting the cool multimedia
features a la Dingoo will be  "just" a matter of software.

My input: given teh nature of your company and product, add a bit more
detail on the web page, e.g. state what SoC is used.

Ron K. Jeffries
rjeffries at

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