do you want receive your own email from mailing list

Qingyou Meng meng.qingyou at
Wed Aug 12 22:59:59 EDT 2009

-1 for me. I use gamil web interface, the sent emails are already
there thus don't want be sent back.
It would be great if that can be configured by user.

2009/8/12 Xiangfu Liu <xiangfu at>:
> Hi
> now the mailing list configure will not send the mail to the sender.
> I mean
>  1. A B C subscribe the developer_mailing_list.
>  2. A send email "hello world" to developer_mailing_list
>  3. then B and C will receive "hello world" from developer_mailing_list
>     but A will not.
> personally I want receive my own mail form mailing list. but I would ask people
> in mailing list. if you want this? tell us. we can change the configure.
> but if there is very little people want. it's ok. we will keep the configure :-)
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