Ben NanoNote Mechanical Updates

Yi Zhang yi at
Mon Aug 17 08:20:47 EDT 2009

Hi All,

1. We have gotten the first set of mechanical parts for Ben NanoNote  
2. We found some problems, mostly cosmetic issues. The factory is  
making the second set based on our fix list [3][4].
3. First 20 working samples, with the first mechanical parts, final  
boards (with Giantplus LCD [5], Samsung K9GAG08U0M 2GB NAND [6]),  
will be send to Shanghai on Wednesday from Shenzhen. They should  
arrive on Thursday. The 2GB NAND flash on these 20 samples are not  
tested at all. Among them, 2 samples will be used for CE and FCC  
certification test in Nanjing, 1 goes to Xiangfu in Beijing, 5 go to  
Steve Mosher in San Francisco, USA, 12 go to Mirko Lindner, Berlin,  
4. The next 20 samples, with fixed mechanical parts, will be ready in  
2 weeks. Read from and write to 2GB NAND flash on these 20 samples  
will be tested by the factory. But seeking for the bad blocks on NAND  
needs to be done by us. It would be great if someone start working on  


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