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Sat Aug 22 08:15:22 EDT 2009

The Ben NanoNote is using Jz4720 not Jz4725.
What is the best way to have 64 MB SDRAM with the Jz4720?
The 4720 has a 16-bit data bus whereas the 4740 has 32 bit, I think
it's because 4720 has COB instead of BGA, but like you said some
competitive reasons might be behind this too. Positioning the 4720
as low-cost and against some other chips.
I don't know anything about 4725 or 4725b right now.

On Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 02:06:19PM +0200, W.G. van de Hulst wrote:
> I thought the point of the jz4725 was to be a jz4740-SX (16-bit
> instead of 32-bit databus) to eliminate one RAM chip and to use LQFP
> instead of BGA, both measures meant to lower cost and to compete with
> comparable Rockchip 2706 designs.
> It seems strange to add it back, but of course there's now the new
> jz4725b that allows booting from SD, so you can sacrifice the flash
> chip to avoid requiring more space.
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