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We are thinking connect the FPGA as SDRAM, but is not a natural way, maybe
is necessary use another chip for that.
We also evaluate the conection of our FPGA peripheral as a NAND chip, but as
i said before we use this board as academic board and we descart this


On Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 11:08 AM, Adam Wang <adam at qi-hardware.com> wrote:

>  Hi,
>  > I think that for many people is easy to build a cheaper and economic
>> version
>> > with a TQFP chip.
>>  What to do when you need USB Host (not present on the jz4725, jz4725b
>> and jz4755)? Add a separate USB Host or OTG chip?
> I have a serious problem here, we want to connect an FPGA to the data,
> address, ctrl, bus but this chip doesn't have available the RD and WR
> signals, there are two signals that maybe we can use BUFD and WE0, WE1
> BUFD_: Select CPU to SRAM chip direction in data bi-direction buffer
> WE0_: SDR/Static memory byte 0 write enable
> But I can't find any timming diagram or waveform for these signals
> Do you want to connect to SDRAM? May reference reversely to waveform of
> SDRAM's specifications even it's not a regular rule. :-)
> The command interval of read / write is having more details in memory spec.
> Or is there anyone have known jz47xx experiences of command interval here?
> Adam
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