Debian on the Ben NanoNote?

Uwe Hermann uwe at
Mon Aug 24 09:01:13 EDT 2009


On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 11:46:53AM +0800, Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> thanks a lot for joining, yes we do need help with Debian and highly
> appreciate your offer. Maybe Mirko can get in touch with your with
> regards to an early-access device...

Sure, that would be great!

> > Oh, and thanks, not only for creating a truly Open Hardware and Free Software
> > device where schematics and PCB layouts and software are properly
> > licensed, but also for using Free Software tools for the designs (KiCAD,
> > HeeksCAD, etc). This is one area where many other "Open Hardware"
> > projects fuck up the whole nice project by using closed-source tools
> > such as EAGLE, OrCAD, SolidWorks, and so on.
> YES! We work so hard on that ;-)
> It's the toughest part also, and to be real, we are not there yet. The
> schematics are in KiCAD at github, but when it came to producing boards our
> partners insisted on OrCAD and PADS Layout so the layout is only in those
> proprietary formats right now (licensed under CC-BY-SA of course).

Huh, they don't take Gerber files?

> Rest assured that we are looking for new production partners...
> HeeksCAD efforts haven't even started yet, there are too many features
> missing in HeeksCAD for mass-production plastic injection use.

Not sure about which requirements you have, but here are some other CAD
options you might want to look at:

(no, I don't have experience with any of them, sorry)

And there's of course gEDA/PCB ( which can be used
as an alternative to KiCAD (I'm playing a bit with those in my OpenDIMM
project since a few days, see

Especially PCB is also usable as pseudo-CAD program for mechanical
drawings if the stuff you produce should be flat and made out of FR4
PCB material (so you can have any PCB manufacturer produce it by
supplying the resulting Gerber files).

Cheers, Uwe.
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