Need for JZ4730 development platform with QWERTY and 7'' display?

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Tue Aug 25 06:40:50 EDT 2009

Hi all developers,
I just realized that Qi hardware is focussing a lot around the new  
MIPS SoC. So it could be interesting to get more real Ingenic JZ based  
hardware to active (potential) developers who want to work on kernel  
and user space software.

Maybe, our Letux 400 is the right thing to use as a (inexpensive) MIPS  
target development platform. It is a small (7 inch, 650 g) "Netbook"  
based on the JZ4730 (it was originally developed by SkyTone and is  
essentially the same device that became broadly known as Razorbook).  
Ard has collected a lot of reverse engineering results 
  e.g. look here:

Nils from has worked heavily on a Linux kernel  
and is mostly done. More links on this can be found on
Main activity is on the mipsbook-devel mailing list ( 
). Looking into this material may benefit the NanoNote.

So if developers on this list are interested in getting more or less  
compatible hardware, please contact me.


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