Using the keyboard to enable USB booting

Adam Wang adam at
Fri Aug 28 13:01:59 EDT 2009

Hi Carlos & Van de Hulst,
> This switch will be used by hardware developers and advanced users to 
> change the firmware, so, We can use a push button or a two position 
> switch.
Much thanks your great ideal.
I surveyed some two position switches which can be located on bottom 
side of board or on left or right side of board. :-)    Using a two 
position switch may better than a push button.
>     I can put an available footprint of tact switch instead of Ben's
>     two short pins, which will be located on the Battery side. It will
>     be better for Ben.
>     I can choose a popular part for this. 
>     How do you think that I can put tact switch footprint on it?
>     Thanks,
> You mean only the footprint? without the component ?
> For people like us that have a solder iron, an d little experience 
> with the solder process is good, but many people doesn't have this 
> tools and expertise.
No, my ideal was totally not good. so we'll have a real like slide 
switch[1] for bottom of board or slide switch[2] for side of board. But 
I have to check if having bottom or side of device from layout space 
check. And check with vendor which one is the most popular and easier get.
Will keep list posted.

> Carlos
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