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David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at
Thu Dec 3 18:13:51 EST 2009

you will make me loose part of the fun :P, I'm compiling anyway but I
have some issues I will post in other message.
Regarding packages, I have tested joe and nano, and alsa-utils (alsamixer)
joe works fine[1] but I miss the colored code on it, I suppose is an
option in the config when you have to compile it.

nano not works:
nano: symbol 'stdout': can't handle reloc type 0x7e

alsa mixer seems to recognice the device and I can put the MM to 00
but still no sound from games, any recomendatino to test sound on nano
(any player you want to test)

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2009/12/3 Xiangfu Liu <xiangfu at>:
> Hi
> I will put packages I compiled at :
> if anyone don't want to compile the source code. you can downloads from there.
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> Xiangfu Liu
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