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Fri Dec 4 13:25:57 EST 2009

> What should we do? If you are interested in some ZigBee hacking, I can put
> a package together for you. You would probably need at least one NanoNote,
> and 2 ZigBee cards?
> I guess I would have to buy the 1000 USD devkit.
> What do you think? Is anybody else interested in ZigBee? Can you or someone
> else share some of the costs?
> Is there another microSD ZigBee card with already proven Linux support?
> Hope this helps, let me know what you want to do,

I am just thinking aloud but it may be better to wait for a nanonote with
USB Host (Ya?) to easily use ZigBee USB dongels than put in effort into
supporting microSD ZigBee for Ben only.

I have copied Ranjan on this mail - He was planning to use ZigBee with the
Freerunner for an home automation system (see  ) and may have more info about
linux drivers for ZigBee USB dongles

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