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David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at
Fri Dec 4 16:17:39 EST 2009

I don't think we have to wait , better we must think in that whatever
we do on ben can be reused to next devices, if we develop a zigbee
driver that driver can be reused in the next devices , but more
important than this is than apps and developments using zigbee done
before Ya comes to live can be reused on next devices independent on
whatever the transceiver is on the USB or SDcard. Ya can still use an
uSD Zigbee , maybe you don't want a big  dongle+cable+adaptor
attached, is matter of offering alternatives.

Of course I believe Nanonote core team,  has to be focused on the main
device and his next evolutions and is  the community crowd that have
to  help them on explore the multiple possibilities and report our
success and fails

Sometimes we will match criterias, sometimes not , but in this case
increasing synergies with Arduino project is one of those criteria,
and having a zigbee will catch a lot of attention on Arduino community
, and if someone moan about price you can always reply "hey you can
always use the  serial pads below batteries" :P

PD.-Thinking loud too :)

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2009/12/4 rakshat hooja <rakshat at>:
>> What should we do? If you are interested in some ZigBee hacking, I can put
>> a package together for you. You would probably need at least one NanoNote,
>> and 2 ZigBee cards?
>> I guess I would have to buy the 1000 USD devkit.
>> What do you think? Is anybody else interested in ZigBee? Can you or
>> someone
>> else share some of the costs?
>> Is there another microSD ZigBee card with already proven Linux support?
>> Hope this helps, let me know what you want to do,
> I am just thinking aloud but it may be better to wait for a nanonote with
> USB Host (Ya?) to easily use ZigBee USB dongels than put in effort into
> supporting microSD ZigBee for Ben only.
> I have copied Ranjan on this mail - He was planning to use ZigBee with the
> Freerunner for an home automation system (see
>  ) and may have more info about
> linux drivers for ZigBee USB dongles
> Rakshat
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