planned URL changes

Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Sat Dec 5 07:41:03 EST 2009

I wanted to let everybody know about a number of changes to our servers
(mostly the URLs) at Some of it is still in discussion,
and as always we will adapt to what we learn once we start implementing them:

*) blog will be removed, wiki will become the new homepage
I think the wiki allows all of us to make edits in an easier way, so it
will become our new homepage, and the blog will be removed.
Valuable data from the blog will be transferred to the wiki.

*) URLs will slowly be changed from to
We think Qi Inside is the better naming so we will slowly move there.
Breaking URLs is horrible, I know, so we will do this very carefully
and with the proper redirects case by case to minimize breaking stuff.
In some cases we will do this together with some things that were planned
anyway, such as to prettify the mailman URL, or to replace pipermail with
a better mail archiver (maybe nabble?).

*) localized wikis
There are two approaches to provide localized wikis: In one database, or
in separate databases, typically also separate subdomains.
Unfortunately both approaches have a lot of pros and cons, so choosing
is hard and there is not enough momentum in MediaWiki right now to pick
a clear winner.
Wikipedia uses the 'separate subdomain' system (, and
since we love languages and want to get all localized versions as good
as possible, we will adopt that same system as well. Slowly.
First we will move the wiki we have right now, with pages in English,
Spanish and Chinese, to Later we will setup fully
localized versions in URLs like (for Spanish).
This does not mean we should slow down on creating better content in as
many languages as possible in our current wiki. Once we have the fully
localized wikis setup, we will transfer existing content over.

As usual, if anything on our servers doesn't work as expected, or if anybody
has suggestions on what could be done better, please holler.

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