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Hi all,

I share my small knowledges about ZigBee,

On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 7:58 AM, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> wrote:
> Richard et al.,
> some updates:
> Spectec agreed to reduce the price of the 'sample kit' from 1000 USD to
>  500 USD. That kit includes two microSD ZigBee cards, plus some 'sample source
> code'. I agreed to the new price, but when I said I would pick it up today they
> said it's not yet available :-)
> They will update me when it's available.
A pitty.
> Also our contact there (Justin Chen) sent me a SDZ-537 datasheet, which is
> a very high level 19-page PDF file describing a few Windows DLL APIs.
> Of course it's marked 'confidential' without any further information regarding
> releasibility and such. I will not pass it on right now.
> Justin also said
> "
> Good to know X86 souce code is useful for you and I'll have our engineer speed up code release.
> Meanwhile, I'd suggest you to study what ZigBee applications you want to develop.
> Please be informed our current ZigBee card has TI Z-Stack but no ZigBee profile included.
> And the smaple code is just a simple demo program to prove our ZigBee card is able to connect and transmit data to other ZigBee devices.

TI Z-Stack is "free licensable" as a firmware stack free available for
TI ZigBee developers/manuffacturers, this allow the manufacturer to
have a fast development of the product, without needing to deal with
the ZigBee stack.

> Normally our customers purchase the sample kit as well as firmware burning machine to develop their own application/firmware.
> The cost of firmware burning device is US$1,200/set ExWorks Taiwan.
> Or you could send us your firmware and we'll load it onto the card for you if you don't have a plan to purchase it at this stage.
> "
> I don't know enough about ZigBee right now, so I'm not sure about 'profiles',
> and what this 'firmware burning machine' is. I am hoping everything is open
> and reflashable/reprogrammable in software. That's just me hoping... :-)
> I am trying to find out more.
> Stay tuned,
> Wolfgang

I would like to know a little bit more about this product.Because i
see some TI dev boards with zigbee that has this "features" (cheap

We stay tuned :)


Rafael Campos
o0 Methril 0o

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