Nano extension board

Michael Shiloh michaelshiloh1010 at
Mon Dec 14 21:46:09 EST 2009

Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
> The idea of an Arduino or similar board connected to a Nanonote is appealing.
> But I don't think there's a great incentive to have Arduino SDK on the Nanonote.
> We are entering an era of netbooks at a cost of $200 and less. Why not develop
> Arduino code on a netbook, then load the Arduino from that DEVELOPMENT platform.

Very true, and one that I have pondered. Here are my reasons for 
thinking this should be done, in spite of your observation:

1. It is cool, and therefore it will be done. Once something is done, 
people will find a use for it. The use case doesn't have to precede the 

2. Smart phones. People will have iPhones and Adroid phones with them 
when they will not have their netbooks. Sooner or later someone will run 
into the situation where they need to make a change to the Arduino code, 
or otherwise interact with it, and wish they had the Ardiuno IDE on the 
device they have with them at the time. (To paraphrase a famous 
photographer, the best development platform is the one you have with you 
when you need it.)

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