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Hi al,,

On Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 3:38 AM, Michael Shiloh
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> I see. In many ways, this board is independent of Nano, especially if it
> uses USB to interface.
> In this case it is like a generic IO board that could be made compatible
> with the Arduino boot loader, allowing you to take advantage of a huge
> amount of already done work and tap into a well established community.
> In fact, your board might be useful to people who need something more
> powerful than Arduino, but similar to Arduino so they don't need to learn
> too much new material.

I think the FPGA board could be really nice, but i don't know if it
fits in the Arduino "API like", because it's a more powerfull device
than the Arduino. And i would love to see the Nano+board to do some
GNURadio hacks :) (with an FPGA it could fit, but not with the

> As you well know there are a number of third-party Arduino compatible boards
> with different features and strengths. Sounds like this would be the ideal
> place.
> I think too a light version of the Arduino IDE would be useful to a much
> larger community than Nano users, for example Android or iPhone users.
> In fact I'd be very surprised if there wasn't already an effort to make an
> Arduino IDE that can run on an iPhone.
> Regardless, I think this is very interesting and I'd love to hear more. I
> personally can see this being a great platform for teaching and developing
> interactive art projects. (I electronics for artists.)
> M
> Carlos Camargo wrote:
>> Hi Michael thanks for your reply
>> Arduino is a very good piece of hardware, but lack some functionalities
>> that we want to add to Nano:
>> 1. A lot of Digital GPIOs, for using as PWM, useful in robotic
>> applications, for drive servo-controllers
>> 2. A fast analog acquisition channel. 3. One Programmable Logic Device,
>> for custom peripherals, like: Image sensor controller, LED driver, etc
>> Of course we can use the same Arduino's concept in our API.
>> Carlos
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