Qi avt2 RC3

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Tue Dec 15 10:28:45 EST 2009

Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
> [re-post becauser Werner is not subscribed to the list...]

Thanks a lot !

> > Werner, Do you know the internals of kicad project?

I've contributed a bit of code, but since I'm not particularly good
with C++ and KiCad's coding style, my contributions were either small
fixes or proof of concept implementations that needed some serious
work by someone more familiar with KiCad's internals before they
were useful.

I agree on the importance of getting this right, though. One diffculty
may be that one doesn't always want KiCad to assume that a pad/pin can
directly connect to a plane, even if they're on the same net, but that
there should be a short trace to restrict the thermal flow. This
example shows a test pad:


E.g., on the Openmoko debug board, all the ground contacts are just
solder mask openings leading to the ground plane. It's no end of fun
to solder them.

Anyway, we should take this to one of the KiCad lists.
Catching up with them now ...

> > We will use fped and we will report our experiences.

Thanks !

- Werner

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