USB-FPGA-NanoNote Expansion Board

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Mon Dec 21 08:34:14 EST 2009

Hello Carlos,

I'm not into the FGPA "world" hence a few questions.
I do not found any thing similar like the Arduino shield/ interface
eco system around a FGPA dev board, is there something like that for
Those FGPA things seam pretty expensive, I see on sparkfun a Spartan
3E Breakout and Development Board that costs 100usd. Any idea what the
intended pricepoint would be for this interface (without battery)?
and one more silly Q: what is the main reason to go for a FGPA for an
I/O interface?


On Sat, Dec 19, 2009 at 7:18 PM, Carlos Camargo <cicamargoba at> wrote:
> I'm starting the Expansion Board design. I've already created a new wiki
> page [1], At present I'm defining the Block Diagram [2]. The operation
> diagram flow will be available soon.
> As you can note, this design is completely different to Arduino Project, The
> main goal is build an analog interface for Nano.
> Ron K. makes some valuables comments about this project: (Thanks Ron)
> 1. Consider the idea that the physical board size might later be packaged in
> a nice case that would be approximately the size of Nanonote.
> 2. Consider "stealing" the design for battery and battery charging from
> Nanonote.
> 3. while there would not be a nice enclosure for it at first, if the design
>  is done with the idea of a nice looking package later, that should not be
> much of a constraint.
> Feel free to make any comment.
> [1]
> [2]
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