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Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Wed Dec 23 03:14:23 EST 2009


> 1) the infamous CRC error is gone! (many thanks to Lars)

Oh wow, that's great! I should have read this mail before replying to the
other one from David, sorry if I added any confusion.

I still think there should be no 'nerase' command in our flash script. If
everything works well with CRC, nerase should never be needed.

What do you think?

On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 12:14:50AM +0100, Mirko Vogt wrote:
> Hey,
> I built and uploaded new images today:
> the most important changes:
> 1) the infamous CRC error is gone! (many thanks to Lars)
> 2) fn-handle daemon is integrated, so now the power-button is working
> and shuts down the device
> 3) gconf-support patched out of gtkhtml, as it's just overhead and may
> result in weird behaviours due to dbus-bugs.
> 4) sd-card driver stability and performance improvements
> as well as several package updates and other minor changes and fixes.
> I also improved the ""*-script which should now work out
> of the box.
> The script downloads and flashes the latest available images to the
> NanoNote.
> Now it does some more checking about the environment, already present
> and valid images, as well as basic error handling.
> Feedback is highly appreciated :)
> Have fun and - happy hacking!
> mirko
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