I got my Ben NanoNote

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Sat Dec 26 07:30:08 EST 2009

So cool nickname. Atomman let's meet in shenzhen sometime in the new year!

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On Dec 26, 2009 4:19 AM, "Wolfgang Spraul" <wolfgang at sharism.cc> wrote:


> My interests:
> ...

Great - yes this is very much in line with many other people here...

> Yea, I speak Chinese and now I live in Shenzhen. > Translating docs is a
very good start point I ...
Cool, thanks.
I think we have settled on a set of web services now to go into next year
and the wiki will play a very central role.
So we have to spend more time to cleanup the homepage, categorize pages,
better indices, better translations, etc.
Feel free to edit anything! :-)

> I readed Carlos's kicad wishlist just a moment ago. > Here is my about
open source EDA software: ...

> Then I start to try the gEDA suit. At the beginning I run pcb(the

> I think gEDA also can not meet the wishlist and kicad has its own
What a story! Yes, a lot of us have quite an odyssey behind us in terms of
free EDA tools. I started out managing teams (not working myself, I'm not an
EE) that worked with PADS Layout, later also an Eagle project, then KiCAD.
Also a bit of Altium Designer.

Have you heard about Fedora Electronic Lab?
It's more geared towards ASIC design not PCB/schematics, but still they are
trying to assemble free EDA tools in one place so I believe could be
interesting for you

I am open minded towards gEDA, it's GPL so that's good. There seems to be
active development there now, same as with KiCAD. Actually on KiCAD's
there is 'gEDA integration' somewhere I believe.
However, we are quite deep into KiCAD at this point so we rather try to fix
weaknesses than consider a switch.

> I learned kicad for a period and found it can not do good copper
pour(there > are some "saw tooth...
Yes I've heard that before. Do you think we can improve this?

> The present idea is to make NanoNote works with AVR boards sush as
Arduino. > The NanoNote is sho...
Wonderful! If you like, we should meet next time I'm in Shenzhen...

On Sat, Dec 26, 2009 at 09:40:43AM +0800, Atommann wrote: > Hi all, > >
2009/12/26 Wolfgang Spraul...
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