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Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Sat Dec 26 10:26:04 EST 2009

Totally didn't know there is a szlug! That is great! In the new year we
should start some qi hardware meetups...an do one in shenhen...seems like a
great place to start out! Qi hackups or is there a better name for an event
we and others can do to talk shop???

Jon Phillips
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On Dec 26, 2009 9:22 AM, "Atommann" <atommann at gmail.com> wrote:

Dear all,

First of all, thanks for the warm replies.

2009/12/26 Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at sharism.cc>:

> Cool, thanks. > I think we have settled on a set of web services now to go
into next year with, > ...

> What a story! Yes, a lot of us have quite an odyssey behind us in terms of
> free EDA tools. I st...
I did not heard the Fedora Electronics Lab before.
Thanks for the informations, I'll check out the details.

> I am open minded towards gEDA, it's GPL so that's good. There seems to be
some > active developme...
You are right, someone talked the 'gEDA integration' issue in the mailing

> However, we are quite deep into KiCAD at this point so we rather try to
fix it's > weaknesses tha...
That's right.

> Yes I've heard that before. Do you think we can improve this? >
As I am not deep into the KiCAD project, so I can't answer this question :)
Maybe the KiCAD community already talked about this question, we can
google it for more infos.

> Wonderful! If you like, we should meet next time I'm in Shenzhen...
That's good! And you can also meet the guys from szlug (Shenzhen Linux
and Unix User Group) then.

-- Best regards, Atommann Design open source hardware with open source
software, write open source...
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