Boot the Ben Nanonote.

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Sat Jul 18 22:41:25 EDT 2009

Hi there
there is some steps about how to reflash Ben(本) Nanonote.

Prepare for Reflash Device 
=serial console=
  at the back of Ben Nanonote, there is "GND", "TXD" and "RXD", 
  you can get serial output from those pins 
  you need a TTL <-> RS232 converter. because the Ben Nanonote serial 
  console is TTL. here[1] is the serial PIN in the board.

    $ git clone git://[2]
    $ git checkout --track -b x-burst origin/x-burst
    $ make menuconfig
         (select 'XBurst JZ47x0 [2.6]' in 'Target System')
    $ make
  then you will get toolchain under /PATH/TO/openwrt-x-burst/staging_dir/

=xburst-tools (usbboot tools)=
  you can get source code at git://[3]
    $ cd /PATH/TO/xburst-tools/usbboot
    $ ./ && ./configure && make && sudo make install
  then you got the 'usbboot' command. that is for the reflash.

  in openWRT menuconfig-->Target Images-->Build U-Boot bootloader -->
  U-Boot target board (NEW) --> input 'qi_lb60
  here[4] is the u-boot github URL
    $ make qi_lb60_config
    $ make 
  there is 'u-boot-nand.bin' is for Ben

  here[5] is the kernel GIT URL. this kernel is work in Ben Nanonote.
  yes. there is another kernel in openWRT(2.6.28), it's will work later :-)
    $ make qi_lb60_defconfig
    $ make uImage
  there is 'arch/mips/boot/uImage' for Ben.

How To Reflash
1. plug the Ben to your computer. direct connect. no usb hub.
2. short the two pin ('boot from usb' show in [1])
3. press 'RESET' at the back of Ben
4. in you computer run [6] and [7]. then you flashed the bootloader and kernel
   to nand flash. 
5. rootfs: format your SD card. 
   the first partition must VFAT and others is EXT2.
   we can put the kernel(uImage) in the first partition. put the rootfs in second partition.
   download the rootfs [8], uncompress it to second partition of SD card
6. now you can boot your Ben.

[2] here is the web site
     now we put the code in
[3] in folder 'usbboot', here is the tar package and Debian package.
     [master] is the last u-boot.
     command: "mmc init;fatload mmc 0 0x80600000 uImage;bootm" is for boot the kernel in sd card.
[5] git://
    only one master branch in kernel git. so you can just
sudo ../usbboot/src/usbboot -c "\
nprog 0 $U_BOOT 0 0 -n"

sudo usbboot -c "boot"
sudo usbboot -c "nprog $START_PAGE $KERNEL  0 0 -n"


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