features of Ya?

yajin yajinzhou at vm-kernel.org
Sun Jul 19 21:56:37 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I know that because of ben is from a mature product, there is no space to
add the new feature to this product. Right?
But the Ya is designed from scratch, so the new features can be added to Ya.
The following is the my perfect feature of Ya. Any idea?

CPU: JZ4755. This is the latest CPU of jz product line. It has an extra vfp,
which can help to improve the video performance.
SDRAM: 64M or 128M. The more SDRAM size make it possible to run android on
Usb host: Usb host is useful if you want to connect it to a camera.
TV OUT: It is amazing to enjoy the 720P HD on your tv by this nano note.
GSM or 3G??: I do not know the cost to add this feature. So not sure about
keyboard:  QWERT keyboard.
screen resolution: 800*480. It makes it possible to surf the internet using
this nanonote.


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