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   See responses inlined

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> Hi all,
> I know that because of ben is from a mature product, there is no space to
> add the new feature to this product. Right?

  That has yet to be determined. It's generally true that space is at a
premium in these devices.

> But the Ya is designed from scratch, so the new features can be added to
> Ya. The following is the my perfect feature of Ya. Any idea?

   I would not describe it as a "design from scratch"

> CPU: JZ4755. This is the latest CPU of jz product line. It has an extra
> vfp, which can help to improve the video performance.

  Yes: one "simple change to make is to change the CPU.

> SDRAM: 64M or 128M. The more SDRAM size make it possible to run android on
> it.


> Wifi

  Three choices for WIFI:
    1. Peripheral Via USB host
    2. Peripheral  VIA SDIO
    3. Integrated.

> Usb host: Usb host is useful if you want to connect it to a camera.

   Yes. USB host is high on our list of changes from Ben to Ya.

> TV OUT: It is amazing to enjoy the 720P HD on your tv by this nano note.

   Need to look at connector space requirements.

> GSM or 3G??: I do not know the cost to add this feature. So not sure about
> it.

   Most likely in a later version. Early on supported Via USB Host

> keyboard:  QWERT keyboard.
> screen resolution: 800*480. It makes it possible to surf the internet using
> this nanonote.

   Again, need to check sizes and costs.

  Basically, the roadmap philosophy would argue to do something like this>

  Ben:  as is
  Ya:  Ben and upgrade the CPU enable USB host.
  Mu: Ya and intgrate wifi/gps
  guo: Mu and integrate GSM

  In this type of roadmap we would aim at one ID change lets say after the

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