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Adam Wang adam at
Tue Jul 21 03:30:37 EDT 2009

Hi All,

This is Adam and I am working on the hardware. We are using KiCAD and all
files are at Any questions about hardware please ask me
any time. Most of my time before was to be as production engineer even had
have software career earlier, but now it's more interesting that we can have
a chance to make an extreme way to express open concepts even which is
always moving to a direction that every one can provide their contributions.
I was glad that can co-work those people having positive behaviour and

It was glad that people around me like the book called *The **Excuse Me Your
Life Is Waiting* <>* *, it's said The Law of
Attraction are
1. Identify what you don't want. 2. From that, identify what yo do want. 3.
Get into the feeling place of your want. 4. Intend - and allow- it to

I've followed this four steps since last September and suddenly met current
friends. It also likes driving your energy stream inside to release it and
attract those who having the same energy stream outside. And so natural it
is and here I am.

I do really want Qi Hardware Inc. can play a role as the every element of
magnetic line of force at earth.

Anyone can catch me at
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