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Wolfgang Spraul wolfgang at
Tue Jul 21 09:28:05 EDT 2009

wow I like your list!
Old mistakes:

#1 Believing in the community? No comment.

#2 Not only do we 'announce' products that are not for sale, but in addition
we have an open roadmap and design the products based on community feedback.

#3 We don't need an MPEG-patent license because we don't want to play patent-
encumbered data formats, and we will try everything to engineer around such
patents. We want to have the best Ogg Theora experience out-of-the-box.
The whole point of our project is to bring people together that believe in
free software and free content. If you are not in that group no reason to
be depressed :-)
(I hope you spare us all another rant about Openmoko & Sisvel)

#4 I'm not sure whether we 'aim VAR' or not. Maybe Steve does?

New mistakes:

#1 Dr. Schaller already called it 'vintage hardware'. I have to say I love this
idea, even though the NanoNote hardly fits. We focus on freedom anyway, not

#2 made in China - don't you think the naming is genius? I love the Ben, Ya,
Mu and Guo series. A little Chinese class for all of us :-) If you can only
associate China with crap, that's unfortunate indeed. The truth is, same as
the FreeRunner, production of our devices will be in China for the foreseeable
future. R&D in Taiwan.

#3 My Blackberry keyboard beats everything else. Not sure we get that good,
but I take this as a valid point, we want to produce good quality.

Thanks for your feedback!

On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 02:44:00PM +0200, Christoph Pulster wrote:
> Hi,
> my thoughts to Qi / NanoBook:
> Mistakes repeated from Openmoko times:
> 1. you believe too much in the community.
> 2. you announce products which are not exitant for sales.
> 3. you got no MPEG-patent licences.
> 4. you dont aim VAR.
> New mistakes:
> 1. you base on old-fashioned hardware
> (Zaurus was state-of-the-art, a hugh community existed, although Sharp  
> did not give attention to it at all)
> 2. you base on "made in China" (synonym for crap in Europe)
> 3. the PDA clam-shell form factor is obsolete, there is no small AND      
>    useable physical keyboard
> Anyway I wish you best success with your effords, Steve, I really do.
> Christoph
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