some power consumption test results

Yi Zhang yi at
Tue Jul 21 09:59:13 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I have done a simple power consumption test using the proprietary  
Chinese software we are going to replace as a starting point. I used  
a fully charged 850mAh standard battery. 1250mAh Openmoko Neo  
batteries fit as well but the battery door doesn't close easily so we  
don't recommend it. After charging the device overnight to full, I  
turned on the device, went to the setting to turn off the Auto Off,  
and left the device on without doing anything. After 9 hours 20  
minutes, the device showed a message, saying "the power is low, the  
device will turn off". After the device is off, I turned it on again,  
I tried to play a video, got a message saying "video cannot be played  
due to low power". After about 3 minutes, the device turned off again.

Next I will try to keep playing music or video to see how long the  
battery will last.

Note: All these tests (and the ones I will be doing next with speaker  
on etc.) are using the proprietary microkernel and application set we  
will replace. Those are our _goals_ we want to beat with our 100%  
free software image. Bear that in mind.

Wish us luck, or help us! :-)

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