some power consumption test results

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Thanks Yi

On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 6:59 AM, Yi Zhang <yi at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have done a simple power consumption test using the proprietary
> Chinese software we are going to replace as a starting point. I used
> a fully charged 850mAh standard battery. 1250mAh Openmoko Neo
> batteries fit as well but the battery door doesn't close easily so we
> don't recommend it. After charging the device overnight to full, I
> turned on the device, went to the setting to turn off the Auto Off,
> and left the device on without doing anything. After 9 hours 20
> minutes, the device showed a message, saying "the power is low, the
> device will turn off". After the device is off, I turned it on again,
> I tried to play a video, got a message saying "video cannot be played
> due to low power". After about 3 minutes, the device turned off again.
> Next I will try to keep playing music or video to see how long the
> battery will last.
> Note: All these tests (and the ones I will be doing next with speaker
> on etc.) are using the proprietary microkernel and application set we
> will replace. Those are our _goals_ we want to beat with our 100%
> free software image. Bear that in mind.
> Wish us luck, or help us! :-)
> Yi
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