some power consumption test results

W.G. van de Hulst suyckerbol at
Wed Jul 22 01:01:10 EDT 2009

> a fully charged 850mAh standard battery. 1250mAh Openmoko Neo
> batteries fit as well but the battery door doesn't close easily so we
> don't recommend it. After charging the device overnight to full, I

Does this mean I will be able to replace batteries on Ben? A battery
is listed on the accessories page but I don't want to jump to

If true, this is quite an important selling point compared to the
Chinese MP4 players I'm familiar with and you should emphasize it on
the Ben product page.

> turned on the device, went to the setting to turn off the Auto Off,

That reminds me: does the backlight turn off when the lid is closed,
or do you have to turn power off?

> Wish us luck, or help us! :-)

One of the things I will probably spend time on is Rockbox, if
mcuelenaere (working on the port to the Onda 747) doesn't beat me to
it. The goal of this project is to improve MP3 player firmware w.r.t.
battery life, better UI, etc:

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