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On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 4:41 PM, Wolfgang
Spraul<wolfgang at> wrote:
> Rafael,
>> > (ex-OM as well) has found some serious problems with HeeksCAD already, that
>> > he says prohibit him from doing effective work to prepare for plastic
>> > injection. Oh well...
>> This a surprise to me, as i didn't know this mechanical tool.
> Are you a mechanical engineer? Or do you know some that are interested in
> joining to work on a free design and/or can do some coding too? :-)
I'm embedded sw engineer, but i know a little bit about casing & the
fights to give a product into production :)
I'd like to help at kernel level but i could test some hw, and learn
something related to design, as the free time allow me to do it :)
> There seems to be a lot of activity in HeeksCAD the last 6 months, so that's
> encouraging. It uses OpenCASCADE.
> Do you know other free 3D tools?
I know brlCAD, that impress me. But i'm not really sure about the
license of that tool.
> Thanks,
> Wolfgang
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