[omgps] global offline OpenStreetMap app

Qingyou Meng meng.qingyou at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 08:40:01 EDT 2009

hello list,

First introduce myself. I'm the developer of omgps
There aren't enough features in omgps, but is battery friendly because
it connect directly to serial port,
thus avoid the overhead of dbus, fso-gpsd, or gpsd etc.

For now I'm preparing the v0.2 version according to the feature
requests collected from openmoko
mailing list. Among the feature set, we need display POI (or tag).

Since qi hardware is about to launch Ben NanoNote, I'm really
interested in doing something on this little device.
Even if without GPS unit, it is a bit difficult to port current omgps
to Ben. First I want to
unify the release of omgps v0.2 with porting to ben together,
refactor/rewrite part of current code base to make it
more modular, and add some features including POI.

For embedded device like Ben with little memory, it is a challenge for me --
I've written concurrent Java programs on 8-core servers with 16GB memory :)
Anyway, I like the challenge.

My first thought: from the data source point of view, index OSM tags
with full text search engine (tools).

Apache lucene can't be used because it depends on Java stack. I hope
Java can run on Mu NanoNote and later series :)
I'm planning to try Xapian (xapian.org), which is written in C++. I'm
familiar with lucene but haven't get in touch
with OSM tags. My big concern is indexing osm data, maybe I can use
data from cloudmade.com?

So, if you are interested in this challenge, please join me or give advices.

best regards,
 - mqy

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