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Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at qi-hardware.com
Thu Jul 23 12:55:34 EDT 2009

W.G. van de Hulst wrote:
> Well, I don't really understand Chinese, but that has never stopped me before...
> The gist is doing a small run for a vertical market, using ad hoc
> software/hardware, avoiding GPRS or WiFi because it's too expensive,
> but still needing connectivity.
> So, as we become disappointed with bluetooth and wifi for various
> reasons, we might perhaps take a look again at the humble infrared:
> very cheap transceivers, requires less energy than BT?, no problems
but most of device in market don't have infrared.
I think people use BT, that can easy to exchange file with mobile device.
I always use USB cable exchange file between computer and mobie phone,
not BT.

maybe if Ben have IR, we can use it to control TV etc..

> with open software or RF certification. You can still buy IR
> keyboards, headsets, etc and there are plans for 1 Gbps.
> If line of sight is a problem, then Zigbee might be interesting
> (low-power between IR and BT?, low speed but still enough for
> speech?). I have been reading a bit about it on freaklabs.org (open
> software stack) and it might be possible to fit in one of those Atmel
> chips?
> http://freaklabs.org/index.php/Articles/Zigbee/atmel-at86rf230_231-review.html
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