[Chinese] some ideas from Luther

W.G. van de Hulst suyckerbol at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 00:09:06 EDT 2009

> but most of device in market don't have infrared.
Easy, add IR gadgets known to work with an IR Ben, to the accessories page.
> I think people use BT, that can easy to exchange file with mobile device.
> I always use USB cable exchange file between computer and mobie phone,
> not BT
Use another IR Ben as access point.
> maybe if Ben have IR, we can use it to control TV etc..
Well, that's another use. I began to think of IR as soon as I read
about the serial console and the need for a TTL to RS-232 level
converter. Man, that's too difficult for me! Besides, who wants
another cable?

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