Memory read speed test on iPhone 3GS

insomniac insomniac at
Fri Jul 24 08:31:25 EDT 2009

Hi to everyone on the list,
here is the screenshot of the read test I made on my iPhone 3GS. I
realize the iPhone hardware is an "upper bound" of the phones panorama,
but it's important to have a point of comparison for the choice of the
hardware for the upcoming qi-hardware devices. If you're interested
into further testing of this hardware, just drop me an email.

Best regards,
Andrea Barberio
a.barberio at - Linux&C.
andrea.barberio at - Slackware Linux Project Italia
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2818 A961 D6D8 1A8C 6E84  6181 5FA6 03B2 E68A 0B7D
SIP: 5327786, Phone: 06 916503784
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