Add VOIP application to Qi series..

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Sat Jul 25 01:28:52 EDT 2009

      I am a new comer to the embeded world .And just after selfteaching for a short period I got a touth task---to port the telephony software Asterisk to an Arm(S3C2440) board----a little bit tough for me , to say the least.  Now I've successfully ported Asterisk to my Arm board and it runs quite well.Next I have to port a specific  sound card driver Zaptel to it so that Asterisk and  Zaptel can work together .At that time my board will be a complete and functional VOIP server and can receive and send phone calls from/to anywhere through the Internet .....About Asterisk and Zaptel there's too much to say .It's not the topic .So if anyone wants some more details ,just google it .....LOL.....
      Xiangfu heard about my interist and comed up with an idea last night.Maybe we can put this software on Qi devices. Yeah ,I think this is a good idea..We can build a VOIP server which is open to all Qi users ..And whenever  getting  into Internet,we can talk to each other,free and freely . This mail list maybe become a voice mail list......So I just put this mail here to see if anyone have some suggestions .
          Best wishes
                                                          Shi Wei
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