Add VOIP application to Qi series..

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Sat Jul 25 02:22:01 EDT 2009

  I am sorry , but I must warn you : the ChinaMobile,
ChinaUnicom, and ChineTele would put you server IP into the blacklist.

    So, your software should have the ability to run without server, I think.

2009/7/25 22380223 <22380223 at>:
> Hi,all
>      I am a new comer to the embeded world .And just after selfteaching for
> a short period I got a touth task---to port the telephony software Asterisk
> to an Arm(S3C2440) board----a little bit tough for me , to say the least.
> Now I've successfully ported Asterisk to my Arm board and it runs quite
> well.Next I have to port a specific  sound card driver Zaptel to it so that
> Asterisk and  Zaptel can work together .At that time my board will be a
> complete and functional VOIP server and can receive and send phone calls
> from/to anywhere through the Internet .....About Asterisk and Zaptel there's
> too much to say .It's not the topic .So if anyone wants some more details
> ,just google it .....LOL.....
>      Xiangfu heard about my interist and comed up with an idea last
> night.Maybe we can put this software on Qi devices. Yeah ,I think this is a
> good idea..We can build a VOIP server which is open to all Qi users ..And
> whenever  getting  into Internet,we can talk to each other,free and freely .
> This mail list maybe become a voice mail list......So I just put this mail
> here to see if anyone have some suggestions .
>          Best wishes
>                                                          Shi Wei
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