Add VOIP application to Qi series..

deng_ya_nuo deng.ya.nuo at
Sat Jul 25 08:35:03 EDT 2009

     That the reason I am talk with Wolfgang to add an AES chip into the phone.
All the encrypt operation should be work in a small, low power consume chip.
Then the CPU resource can be release. I were interesting in the
no-server-VOIP long time ago .
Because I don't trust the governor. I think they are in some cornet
and listen to me any time.

2009/7/25 W.G. van de Hulst <suyckerbol at>:
> OK, clients. Sure, why not. The only problem is with small devices you
> can only have small batteries. So I picture using WiFi as suitable
> only for short emergency (ssh) sessions, despite every vendor telling
> me their chip is the ultimate in low power. OTOH speech doesn't
> require too much bandwidth. So the question is how long would a 850
> mAh battery last, using a Spectec micro SD WiFi card and a
> hand-optimized MIPS speex codec.  I haven't a clue, I would need
> experiments.
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