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Steve Mosher steve at qi-hardware.com
Sun Jul 26 16:46:53 EDT 2009

  That is exactly the kind of project I want to support.  I will be getting
some samples soon
  and I want to select a few projects to give devices to. I'll be asking
Mirko to set up
  a place on our site to blog about the projects. Please contact him about
your project

  The projects I hope to support.

  1. A GPS project ( openstreetmap)
  2. A wikipedia, wikidictionary, wikimedia project ( openzim focused)
  3. An IM project.
  4. A media player project.

 I'll be posting on this after I confir with the rest of the team and the
community about how
 we want to organize this.

 I would like every member of our community to join a project ( at least
one). I'll look
 at giving discounts to contributing project members.


On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 5:40 AM, Qingyou Meng <meng.qingyou at gmail.com>wrote:

> hello list,
> First introduce myself. I'm the developer of omgps
> (http://omgps.googlecode.com).
> There aren't enough features in omgps, but is battery friendly because
> it connect directly to serial port,
> thus avoid the overhead of dbus, fso-gpsd, or gpsd etc.
> For now I'm preparing the v0.2 version according to the feature
> requests collected from openmoko
> mailing list. Among the feature set, we need display POI (or tag).
> Since qi hardware is about to launch Ben NanoNote, I'm really
> interested in doing something on this little device.
> Even if without GPS unit, it is a bit difficult to port current omgps
> to Ben. First I want to
> unify the release of omgps v0.2 with porting to ben together,
> refactor/rewrite part of current code base to make it
> more modular, and add some features including POI.
> For embedded device like Ben with little memory, it is a challenge for me
> --
> I've written concurrent Java programs on 8-core servers with 16GB memory :)
> Anyway, I like the challenge.
> My first thought: from the data source point of view, index OSM tags
> with full text search engine (tools).
> Apache lucene can't be used because it depends on Java stack. I hope
> Java can run on Mu NanoNote and later series :)
> I'm planning to try Xapian (xapian.org), which is written in C++. I'm
> familiar with lucene but haven't get in touch
> with OSM tags. My big concern is indexing osm data, maybe I can use
> data from cloudmade.com?
> So, if you are interested in this challenge, please join me or give
> advices.
> best regards,
>  - mqy
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