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Sun Jul 26 17:35:08 EDT 2009

 If folks want a number to run with, I'll say the NanoNote to non developers
will be $149.00 USD ( probably less once I get final costing)


On Sun, Jul 26, 2009 at 2:27 PM, Steve Mosher <steve at> wrote:

>  On the price of NanoNote.
>    I'm looking at doing discounts for community members who head up
> projects
>    and those who make key contributions, like kernel work.
>   Those discounts may be immediate or I can put them into the second
> product.
>   For example, contributors get a special deal on all subsequent nanonote
> products.
> Steve
> On Sun, Jul 26, 2009 at 5:26 AM, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at
> > wrote:
>> Bas,
>> > I am also quite interested.  I am currently writing a new kernel for the
>> > Trendtac (also known as Skytone alpha 400 and 10000 other names; it has
>> > a jz4730).  I would be very interested to put it on such an open
>> > platform as the NanoNote.
>> Yes, developing a kernel for one of the many other devices that have an
>> Ingenic SoC is definitely going to help us at Qi too.
>> We should just unite our efforts somehow.
>> Right now as I've described in my earlier mail we are using OpenWrt and
>> the
>> kernel patches are inside that tree.
>> Not sure how far your system is from OpenWrt integration and whether you
>> can co-work in that tree.
>> We could also use a 'stand-along' Ingenic kernel repository somewhere, if
>> that would allow us to join efforts with other Ingenic kernel hackers.
>> Yajin Zhou has an Ingenic kernel over at his site. But
>> I believe it's based on 2.6.24.
>> We are trying to get to more recent kernel versions asap, I believe our
>> 2.6.28 kernel (patches in OpenWrt) already boots.
>> > So is it possible to get a development version?  Wat does it cost?
>> All our products are equally hackable, so no special development version.
>> Sales will start in around 2 months, I believe. Cost don't know - Steve?
>> > And is there better documentation that what Ingenic provides (my main
>> source
>> > of information is currently the Linux source code)?
>> We are meeting with the CEO of Ingenic regularly, I just had a meeting
>> with him
>> a few days ago. We are _intensively_ working on better documentation. Stay
>> tuned. Better documentation is the key requirement for us to have a
>> strategic
>> relationship with Ingenic. They are definitely listening. Whether they
>> will act
>> remains to be seen :-)
>> > If things work out with my kernel, might it be an option to provide it
>> > with the device as a default system?
>> Absolutely.
>> Best Regards,
>> Wolfgang
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