Anybody know the different of the IRDA between the TV and the mobile ?

deng_ya_nuo deng.ya.nuo at
Mon Jul 27 21:19:38 EDT 2009

     Do you means if we use a FPGA with a couple of infrared diode
will still meet the patent problem ?
Jus like the openmoko met the MPEG patent ?
If it is a patent problem, nothing we can do.
But if it is only the stack proble, there is an open source IrDA stack now.
I google and get it.
And we maybe write it into a FPGA to ack as a hard stack.

2009/7/28 Steve Mosher <steve at>:
> It's been a long time since I looked at IRda. I put it in a couple devices,
> but we never enabled
> it due to the the costs involved for licensing the stack. Not sure if things
> have changed

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