screen tearing

deng_ya_nuo deng.ya.nuo at
Wed Jul 29 11:35:21 EDT 2009

    Where's the schmatic ? and the LCD pdf ?
I don't know much, but I have debug a LCD panel with the RGB or YUV input.
At that case, the refresh is not the bussiness of the CPU, but the LCD
inside only.
So I need the schmatic, and the pdf of the LCD to see what happen.
Thank you.

2009/7/29 W.G. van de Hulst <suyckerbol at>:
> I was reading about this issue over at
> So I naturally wonder if the R/W signal for the LCD on the SoC is
> connected to the LCD for syncing, and if not, if that can still be
> fixed at this late stage.
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