Community Driven low level programming

W.G. van de Hulst suyckerbol at
Thu Jul 30 05:38:24 EDT 2009

> Any pointers to that community will be appreciated

First, we're talking about a relatively small group of dedicated
people who have shown perseverance. From the top of my head and
limited POV:

End of 2007: Ainol V2000SE
tomac: serial console, hacking ucos/ii, games. I don't know how to contact him.

Starting in 2008, Onda VX747
Maurus, working on a port of Rockbox
yajin: emulator, Linux

Also in 2008, Trendtac/Alpha-400 (Linux)
Ard ( root hack, Debian port

In 2009:
bobo: Dingoo A320 Linux port
Bas: micro kernel (Trendtac).

These were probably the most important people, some of who are on this
list: please correct me if I forgot some whose work you used.

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