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Adam Wang adam at qi-hardware.com
Thu Jul 30 07:18:25 EDT 2009

Hi Peter,
>     > Besides connectivity is needed (first sth like wifi or just bt
>     (to be able
>     > to connect a cellphone for internet access)) and more RAM is
>     always nice, i
>     > think expandability would make this device (small as it is) more
>     > interesting. Therefore I would recommend to add USB Host and, if
>     possible, a
>     > second (micro)SD slot (maybe instead of that big NAND chip?), to
>     be able to
>     > have storage and SDIO...
For next NanoNote, you mentioned above are very suggestive ones. We are 
with vendors for those ideas currently. The mini-USB connector is surely 
more acceptable than normal
female type A (which is much bigger) during using portable product via 
host usb connector.
Currently Ben NanoNote is most likely you said it's a start. So some 
chips had have already those
features like two SDIOs, one usb host, one usb device and more 
expandable interfaces can be helpfully
reached wireless applications. They've been taken into considerations.

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