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> Sorry, I forgot to finish my thought.
> So we want to risk a little bit, but not too much. That's possible by
> taking a modular approach based on either USB or SDIO. The former has
> the price advantage, but I hope the latter will become more popular. I
> think it's very encouraging news if Spectec is making a ZigBee card.
> That's one sign of more market acceptance and lower rrisk.

Well, we still have to define whether it is SDIO or µSDIO, or internal (non
exchangable) SDIO for, say, WiFi. The problem I see with µSDIO is that I
don´ t know much hardware availble for it to Joe Customer and even less at
affordable pricings, SDIO (via a "normal" SD Slot) is rather a problem of
engineering due to size.

That´s why I believe in USB, as there is much mainline supported hardware
around for it. But as I find USB host not that useful on the FreeRunner
while mobile (on the go), I outlined that I want to have a comfortable way
to use it, a way without fearing all the time that dropping with something
plugged in will break something.
Unfortunately I don´ t know how the NanoNotes battery latch looks like,
neither where the USB connector is currently placed (all based on the
assumption, that changing cases is an expensive thing) but knowing my HTC
Dream and the extended batterys with their huge cases out for it, I had the
following idea a moment ago:

Some kind of NanoNote extension kit, featuring a larger battery (because of
the power the USB Host eats) with a larger battery latch (little bit like
openmokast approach [1]), which has room to fit something into it and some
way to get an USB connector in there - I would definitely go for a device
that offered the ability to connect hardware to it that way, as I consider
that to be another stage of mobile computing, being even more flexible, and
making the device more hackable.
Remembering this [2], some approach like described above could be
interesting for the SDIO guys ;)
I would buy such a kit, that´s for sure.

[1] http://openmokast.org/cad-files.html
[2] http://www.planetmobile.it/jumpjack/adattatore/index2-eng.html
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