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yajin yajinzhou at vm-kernel.org
Thu Jul 30 09:25:30 EDT 2009

Hi all,

Zigbee is definately a good idea for ben's connection option for its
low bandwidth, even lower than BT. However it is good as an add-on
feature pf ben using the sdio-zigbee. It will allow the researchers of
university use the ben for the purpose of research project. I have
little experience with wireless sensor network using chipcom cc2430
several years ago...



On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 5:28 PM, Wolfgang
Spraul<wolfgang at qi-hardware.com> wrote:
> Peter,
> thanks for your excellent mail!
> I think many people feel like you, we will collect all the various improvement
> ideas for Ya on the product page, then let's decide later what we will really
> build.
> One thing about Bluetooth - I keep hearing it's very power hungry, startup
> times from sleep are slow (3 seconds), etc.
> There seems to be something new called 'ZigBee'.
> Does anybody know more about it?
> http:/en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zigbee
> Spectec will come out with a microSD ZigBee card (using TI 2450) soon,
> depending on how open this all is, Linux driver status etc. it could be
> interesting.
> Wolfgang
> On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 08:53:54AM +0200, Peter Malte Mack wrote:
>> Hi,
>> first of all to introduce myself: I am a guy who has been Openmoko from the
>> very beginnings, likes the general idea of mobile computing and believes in
>> openness - though i have to add, that i am really bad at programming and no
>> computer scientist - more the user, besides that i´ ve been blogging [1]
>> about linux on mobile devices more or less frequently for some time - but i
>> am not used to posting to lists like this one.
>> Looking at the Ben, which is of course only a start, i like the form factor
>> and, as i write frequently and almost everywhere (==on the go) the fact that
>> the Ben NanoNote has a keyboard which looks pretty usable. Reading the
>> specsheet I was pretty disappointed first, but understanding that it is just
>> a start, it is ok - besides that I like the idea of leaving distributions to
>> the community - a good idea after all the struggle OM has (had) with it.
>> There´ve been lots of proposals to this list, and even though the Ben could
>> yet serve as offline wikipedia, media player, gameboy or organizer device, I
>> believe connectivity is important nowadays (think of all this marketing
>> around cloud computing, it makes people believe that they absolutely need to
>> be connected everywhere, be it to twitter the weather) - and, even though it
>> makes the device more pricey, i believe that one should not wait to long
>> before one adds connectivity.
>> Besides connectivity is needed (first sth like wifi or just bt (to be able
>> to connect a cellphone for internet access)) and more RAM is always nice, i
>> think expandability would make this device (small as it is) more
>> interesting. Therefore I would recommend to add USB Host and, if possible, a
>> second (micro)SD slot (maybe instead of that big NAND chip?), to be able to
>> have storage and SDIO...
>> A expandable device btw offers another, additional kind of openness.. ;)
>> Knowing that you want to go a way of small steps, maybe add BT and USBhost
>> first, and then go on -  - one could add BT and USBhost by adding a normal,
>> powered, female USB A port at the back of the Ya NanoNote and delivering the
>> hardware with an USB BT dongle.
>> I am not sure how this could fit, and as I heard somewhere that replacing a
>> case is one of the most expensive things I know that this might not be a
>> practicable proposal, but I strongly believe that USB Host should be usable
>> in a comfortable way while being mobile - i am sure there are alternatives
>> to this (e.g. a good  adapter from mini/micro-b to female a, which fits good
>> to the Nanonote (or is especially small, if the nanonotes USB port is
>> already at the back), and I believe you should try to offer such things, as
>> it adds value to the product, 3rd party probably won´ t do  and not
>> everybody is talented at finding/building DIY solutions).
>> This would solve all connectivity issues in a rather simple way (thinking of
>> how small wifi dongles have become, i´ve got one with an overall length of
>> 3.4 cm) - you could stop people from waiting for the next unit or the second
>> next and earn some money ;)
>> I apologize for every potential mistake in my writing and wish you all the
>> best,
>> Peter
>> [1] http://linmob.blogspot.com
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